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Solar Control Films

Reduce or eliminate excessive heat.

Hot spots can make a work environment nearly unbearable. 3M™ Sun Control Window Films allow in visible light while rejecting the sun’s heat.

Reduce excessive cold.
Everyone benefits from added comfort.

Building owners, tenants, customers, architects, energy consultants and glass manufacturers can count on the comfort that 3M™ Sun Control Window Films can provide.

A male employee stands comfortably near an office window covered with 3M Sun Control Window Film.
Office Buildings
  • Increase tenant comfort
  • Reduce complaints
  • Improve tenant retention

A business man comfortably sits working on a tablet in a hotel lobby that uses sun blocking window film.
  • Improve guest comfort
  • Make a good first impression — show off great views by leaving blinds open while worrying less about hot, uncomfortable guest rooms

A man and a woman look clearly through a retail window that uses 3m sun control and glare reduction window film.
  • Increase customer comfort
  • Reduce glare

A woman sits on a laptop in a brightly lit classroom which uses 3M window film to reduce sun glare.
  • Keep students more comfortable so they can focus on schoolwork
  • Reduce glare off computer screens, whiteboards and televisions
A patient and nurse smile in a hospital room with natural light coming through the windows using 3M sun blocking window film.
  • Increase patient comfort
  • Get the benefits of natural light in healing

A professionally dressed man and woman talk on a stairway surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows covered in 3M solar window film.
  • Increase tenant comfort
  • Improve tenant retention
  • Reduce complaints


As you design or retrofit commercial space, 3M™ Window Films are a cost-effective way to help ensure tenant comfort. Window films reduce the amount of heat and infrared light entering your building, helping building owners and managers to achieve significant energy savings and create a welcoming environment.

Energy Consultants

By virtually eliminating hot spots, rejecting the sun’s heat and reducing glare, 3M™ Window Films can help building managers conserve energy and save on heating and cooling costs year round.