UV Eye Saftey

You are here: Home » Commercial Window Tinting Two different types of light can enter the eye: ultra violet (UV) light and visible light. While visible light, such as sunlight, can be seen, UV light cannot and even on cloudy days when visible light is minimized, UV rays can still be high. Over time, exposure to UV rays can increase … Read More

Privacy Window Films (Casper Cloaking)

You are here: Home » Commercial Window Tinting Open layouts and plentiful windows are common modern office design elements that offer the feelings of freedom, spaciousness, and transparency. Unfortunately, this open accessibility may also lead to potential privacy breaches, especially in technology, medical, and financial offices. For visual privacy, workers have often closed blinds and curtains or maybe even papered … Read More

Protect Against “Tagging” with Anti-Graffiti Window Films

You are here: Home » Commercial Window Tinting Billions of dollars are spent every year cleaning up graffiti in the United States. Graffiti or “tagging” can contribute to loss of revenue for businesses and give the perception of nearby criminals and/or gang activity. Properties located in neighborhoods abundant withgraffiti vandalismcan even lose up to 15% of their value, according to … Read More

Historic Preservation/Restoration Projects and Window Film

You are here: Home » Commercial Window Tinting Historical homes and buildings are preserved and restored for dozens of reasons. Often, these buildings represent the culture and history of a city or neighborhood by providing a link to the past. To maintain a building’s character and original facade while increasing energy efficiency during a preservation or restoration project, a building’s … Read More

Increase Employee Comfort and Productivity with Commercial Window Tinting

You are here: Home » Commercial Window Tinting Create a comfortable atmosphere for your clients and increase workplace health and safety for your employees by adding window films to your commercial space. A smart alternative to window replacement, commercial window films can be applied to interior and exterior spaces in a wide variety of tints and styles. Here are a … Read More

The Tint Guy Becomes exclusive Dealer for C-Bond Nanotechnology Glass Coating

You are here: Home » Commercial Window Tinting The Tint Guy becomes exclusive dealer for Atlanta, GA.  C-Bond is a patented, non-toxic, water based ‘green’ nanotechnology window film application solution designed to signicantly increase glass strength, enhance glass exibility and increase the adhesion of window lm to glass products.The C-Bond formula is engineered to always maintain original glass design integrity while … Read More