Understanding the Georgia Window Tinting Law

Georgia Window Tinting Law 2
» » Understanding the Georgia Window Tinting Law

In the past year we have had an increase in questions concerning the Georgia Tint law and how it affects our business and we wanted to explain a little more in detail about the law to help our customers understand.

By state law, unless you applied for a medical exemption, you cannot reduce light transmission through your rear windshield and windows to less than 32% net VLT. VLT or (Visible Light Transmission) is a measurement of how much visible light is allowed to pass through the glass with film applied. You also can’t increase light reflectance to more than 20 percent for the rear windshield and windows. If an officer pulls you over for violating these provisions, you’ll earn a misdemeanor and can get fined up to $500. This law effects passenger vehicles as classified by the U.S. Government and there are exemptions for MPV(Multi Purpose Vehicles) such as trucks and SUV’s. For example:

Passenger Cars cannot have any film applied to the sides or rear of the vehicle that reduces the light transmission to less than 32%

Georgia Window Tinting Law

SUV’s/Trucks/Minivans can have any % applied to the rear windows behind the Passenger and Drivers front doors.

Georgia Window Tinting Law

Several other exemptions to the window tint law stand in place for commercial and government vehicles. You can read those at the Official Code of Georgia.Search the keyword “window,” or browse Title 40, the subsection that covers laws for motor vehicles and traffic.

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  3. Should a vehicle from a different state be tinted to allow less sunlight, say… 20%, is it then required to be re-tinted to 32% when relocating to Georgia?

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